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Lookee Looky Nursing Covers


We’ve got you covered with Lookee Looky!

Nursing Covers – Lookee Looky

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Ginó Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Son Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Privacy Covers

Quínn Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Baybú Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breathable Nursing Covers

Sonté Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Tusha Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Privacy Covers

River Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD

Breastfeeding Privacy Covers

Moné Nursing Covers

$21.00 USD










Discover the inspirational benefits that started Lookee Looky

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Latch Velcro behind the neck.

Secure the two pieces of Velcro to comfortable fit.

The Velcro closure behind the neck will keep the cover in place for added security.

A Surprise For A Lovely Mother

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A gift card for that soon to be momma. Let them choose their style 😊

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Stylish Nursing Covers

Your baby's future health starts here!

Breast milk provides a significant amount of nutrients necessary for the healthy development of the baby, creating antibodies that allow the immune system to protect itself against the most common childhood diseases.

Breastfeeding our little ones is such a natural and beautiful act, but when carrying out this process there are moments and situations that make us feel insecure; That is why I have created a breathable nursing blanket that will allow you to feed your baby in a discreet and safe way, while promoting the formation of the mother-child bond.

Continue to forge unbreakable bonds with your baby with the help of a Lookee, Looky.

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Personals with Lookee Looky Nursing covers

     Reviewed October 8th 2022

Love the color. The window opening just big enough to see my baby! Love it! It’s very beautiful and soft.

Color: Tan (Sonte)


      Reviewed September 10, 2022

Very nice nursing cover. Light weight, easy to use and love the window so I can see my little one. I can close it and open it as I need to and so light too.

Color: Tan (Sonte)

J LuAnn

     Reviewed Septembe 1st, 2022

Classy and perfect for my night-out events. It was dark but by now I know what my baby wants and no one was looking at me. Enjoyed my dinner and friens J

Color: Black (Mone)


     Reviewed June 17, 2022

I’ve tried so many nursing covers and they all made me feel hot. Hated not being able to see my baby if she was fussing. This one is super lightweight and breathable. I love that I can see my baby with the window opening!! So cute to see his lovely face! I can leave the window open if needed or close it once my baby falls asleep. Definitely recommend this cover!

Color: Pink (Quinn)


       Reviewed June 2, 2022

I was looking for a lightweight and non-stretchy kind of style cover with me being able to see my baby while nursing. This is perfect! I get so many compliments from my friends on how cute it is too. I have bought couple of extras for gifts for my pregnant friends can’t wait to give it to them, excited!!

Color: Green (Gino)


      Reviewed May 24, 2022

Purchased the Tiffany Color as they have it named “River”, (cute!). I had a beach trip with my family and was just perfect! I felt comfortable using it right there on the beach.. I wish I had had this one from the beginning. I can see my baby and give her air while she’s nursing. The other covers are just to the stretchy and didn’t help me or my baby much.

Color: Tiffany Color (River)


Hello! My name is Tuli and a mother of four lovely boys 🌸

I want to thank you in trusting in this product, and I am hoping that you love it as much as I do!

My goal is for you (momma) to have the freedom to breastfeed your baby ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Now, you can “Lookee Looky” into your babies’ eyes through the viewing window while they’re feeding.

It is one of the most precious sights…time to smile, snuggle, and bond!
I wish you joy and happiness through these precious moments.

I am looking forward to hearing from you with any feedback.

Tuli a Mother with her Four Lovely Boys